Wednesday, November 24, 2010

have you ever tried to get a high score on or on ? I have why don't you pres on those links and have fun ?

Monday, November 22, 2010

These are my bird's that I had to give away
thy whould be two yaers old today

Saturday, November 20, 2010

my faverit place

  1. what is Colombia non for in my hart?
Colombia is non for it dance ,Coffey,songs and of course the beautiful sits of Colombia.
    2.what is the most popular sit ?

Cali Valle.

    3.where in Cali Valle?

my farm.
    4.what spot?

the chicken cage.
   5. why the chicken cage?

because my little chicks are there.

no more genocide

I want the world to know that genocide is Coral and horrible.
those ho commit genocide should stop because then. Their will be Les and Les people that may do some thing great in the world.

question 1. why do people commit genocide ?
reason 1. because they wont something from that person
reason 2. some people get payed for committing genocide

question 2. what is most likely for a person ho commits genocide  to do?
a. stall money
b.sell drugs
c. commit genocide
truth 1. they will mostly do all of these at the same time because you cant do one with out the other

Thursday, November 18, 2010

club penguin gose with colombia ?

Have you ever made a firend named hug mug on ihave. I am hug mug I am also hug mug 2
have you ever tride to dres your penguin ? or  made him look like he came from colombia ? I have why dont you try ?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

were the moon meets the mounton

ma  and  pa  may ask the fish man  were never ending mounton is so they could  find minly faster

panted faces

panted faces
summers of the past in colombia


be careful on what branch

bird gets a ride

bird gets a ride
cut a birds claws before it gose on you

at my cousins speshal 15 birthday

at my cousins speshal 15 birthday
in colombia insted of having a 16 bithday thay have it at 15

i don't now what i was lookling at that got me scard

tacing care of chicks

tacing care of chicks
it is verey hard to take care of chicks thay spil the water an the food if you let them out they pi and poop all over the flor or on you put it is a good experins